Daily Steps to expand your network and your communication skills.

  1. Meet someone new and/or nurture your current networks.   Ask people when you meet them what their preferred method of communication is— ‘phone, email, text, social media’— then everyday reach out to 3 people via each form of communication, say Hello, and share an idea or thought. Go back to the basics- write a short personal handwritten note. I call it your 55 cent investment plan. Work up to 5 per week — you’ll make people happy.
  2. Listen and learn– We hear and don’t often truly listen. Secret word in the word “listen”- is “silent” – what your mind has to be in order to listen to the other person. Think of all the information you will learn from your closest friends and clients when you truly listen and write it down.
  3. Think like a brand ambassador of your company. Whatever your job is- we are all part of the bottom line. Deliver your company ‘elevator pitch’– so that people will say ‘Tell me more’.   When you act as an ambassador and advocate someone else, you spread the word in a positive way. Develop advocates, ambassadors and centers of influence and create strong bonds.
  4. Follow up– After all is said and done, more is said than done. There is something on your desk right now that needs a follow up action. Do it. Under promise and over deliver. People remember this.
  5. Find creative ways to stay on someone’s radar screen. Use ‘Google alerts’ so that you will know when a client, prospect or friend is in the news. Reach out to say Hello and that you are thinking of them.

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 –Andrea Nierenberg – Certified SCORE Mentor, SCORE Manasota
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