Do you have an employee with chronic pain? 

Here are a few tips to accommodate them and to create an atmosphere of acceptance among peers. 

  • Discuss the problem with other employees in one on ones to preempt bad attitudes towards chronic pain patients who may take longer on tasks or need time off. 
  • Let employees know you support them. Keep open communication that you are there to help them with whatever they might need. While not all employees with chronic pain require special accommodations, be sure to work with them to determine if there is any way to make their job easier. 
  • Evaluate the physical work environment and rethink traditional cubicles. Being hunched over in a chair is terrible for the body. Consider investing in ergonomic chairs and standing desks  to help employees feel more comfortable in their workspace.  
  • Encourage movement and regular breaks. Allow employees to get up from their desks and move periodically. Even five-minute walking breaks every hour make a difference. Aches and pains can be further aggravated when the body is forced into a sitting position. 

Learn more about things you can do to make the workplace friendly for chronic pain patients.  

– Fabian Ramos, M.D.,  Owner, Ramos Pain Center
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