Use Your Voice

It’s important to not only stand up and speak out but to fine-tune your pitch. Your pitch should be pleasant to the ear and firm. If you’re ending your statements on a high pitch note, you may be perceived as unsure or untrustworthy. We mustn’t let the fear of rejection stop us from chasing our goals. After all, you have to grab the mic before you can drop it.

Make a Plan

Figure out what you want to do, where you want to be, then find out what you need to learn to get there. Create a schedule. Get specific on what it takes. Believe in yourself, give yourself grace, set realistic time-frames, and follow- through. Whether or not you will succeed is not only by having a good plan but making your plan work.


Share Your Own Good News

Be proud of your work. Share your good news. That’s how you move up in a company! Who doesn’t love good news? Studies show that sharing positive news with others results in measurable increases in more restful sleep, clearer communication, and better emotional support.


Never Eat Lunch Alone

Always eat lunch with someone, and as often as possible, someone new. Learn what motivates and inspires other people. Invite them to “pick your brain.” Build a strong network. Take a few minutes each day to connect with your network- even just digitally. You never know what connection you may make that can advance your career, and even better, as a person.

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-Ashley Brown, Women’s Resource Center
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