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I am an entrepreneur, a business liaison, and an integral community leader. I am the founder and creator of Catsercise, a multi-paw touchpoint activity playground to deliver 100% cat attraction. I offer international sales and import/export expertise to small and mid-sized companies. I form waves of global connections and build people links. I integrate buyers and sellers across the globe to engage and collaborate on projects. I focus on business development, cross-selling, and relational sales activities. I am a Certified Global Business Professional through NASBITE. I strive to deliver a friction-free customer experience because I care more about the customer than the sale. I am tri-lingual: English, French, and Spanish. I tutor and teach English as a Second Language. Core Competencies: Navigate and penetrate the existing customer base to generate repeat business and uncover new opportunities. Develop quality leads via networking at Chamber Events, Connecting on LinkedIn, Prospecting, and receiving Customer Referrals. I transition business contacts into solid customer relationships to expand the customer base. I implement strong customer relationship management (CRM) practices to monitor sales processes and track sales cycle via, Hubspot, and Zoho.

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